READ Workbench is a self-service portal which supports the integration and management of researchers, resources, tools and processes in the collaborative development of textual corpora.  Workbench delivers the philological research capability of READ, configured for individual projects, as ‘software as a service’.

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Workbench’s three facets – configuration services, self-service portal, and corpus development workflows – provide a scalable implementation framework.

  • Configuration services support the provision and management of multiple READ installations; each with project and language-specific configurations and institutional branding.
  • Self-service portal features enable researchers to establish and manage their projects without technical support. Comprehensive sharing capability supports flexible collaboration for editing, analysis, and review.
  • Corpus development workflows support researchers through the entire project arc of importing, editing, analysing and digitally publishing research outputs. Workbench instantiates a corpus development methodology, TextBase, to address scalability, project management and sustainability in collaborative projects.

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