Open SaaS


READ Workbench has been developed with mainstream open source technology stack:

  • PostgreSQL as the database repository,
  • Backend development in PHP using Laravel framework and
  • UI development using the Materialize CSS framework.

Workbench was designed and developed from earliest builds as an Open software as a service (SaaS) platform.  The approach was principally modelled on the WordPress, OpenContext and the GovCMS platforms.

Individual projects may take advantage of the SaaS Portal hosted by the University of Sydney to provision a project and serve up READ capability without needing to invest in the configuration, maintenance and support of either Workbench or READ installations themselves.  Universities, research institutions and foundations with requirements for large scale programs might engage with the copyright owners to download, install and host Workbench themselves under Open platform as a service (PaaS) arrangements.

The source code for Workbench carries a GNU General Public License (Version 3) and has used a private GitHub repository for software version control, issue tracking, documentation and collaboration through proof of concept, prototype and initial release phases.  Formal release as Open PaaS is scheduled for 2022 upon completion of configuration services, documentation suite and establishment of support infrastructure.