Open Source

READ Workbench was developed with an open source technology stack:

  • PostgreSQL as the database repository,
  • Backend development in PHP using Laravel framework and
  • UI development using the Materialize CSS framework.


READ Workbench has been developed by Prakaś since June 2016.

  • Platform design – Ian McCrabb
  • Technical design and development – Yang Li

The TextBase methodology and supporting content has been designed by McCrabb and developed by Prakaś since June 2017.

  • Methodology, process and site design – Ian McCrabb
  • Procedure and standards development – Stephanie Majcher
  • Procedure and site development – Isobel Andrews

Copyright to READ Workbench is held by Prakaś.  Copyright to the methodology and site content is held by McCrabb and Prakaś.

Special acknowledgment to the members of the READ KKLUB working group for their review and feedback on all aspects of the platform and methodology.  Particular thanks to Tim Lenz, Joe Marino and Mike Skinner.

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