Workbench 2.1

Workbench SaaS 2.1 was released in December 2018. The 2.1 release includes a major redevelopment of the Workbench model and workflows to integrate collaboration, based on a strata model, with management, based on a TextBase model.  This entailed;

  • a full redesign of the collaboration model to operate at the level of edition substrates and analysis strata within a TextBase,
  • the redesign and redevelopment of each of the corpus development workflows and the enhancement of the TextBase access and viewing model to operate at this finer degree of granularity,
  • the development of a new workflow, Strata Management, and supporting features to implement and manage analysis strata.

The Text Alignment feature was redeveloped to support rapid TextBase germination from a single user entry form.

The opportunity was also taken to introduce tighter integration with READ to enable Workbench to manage ownership, visibility and attribution in READ sessions.

This upgrade enables Workbench to exercise structured and flexible editing, analysis and viewing control over any strata of any edition of any TextBase.