Image and Transliteration


The Image and Transliteration standards facilitate the digitization of collections via READ. They contain protocols for text and image identification and for collaboration using a system of shared folders. These standards apply to the organization, management, and development of the text and image resources required to generate a TextBase.
The Image and Transliteration standards are based around a folder system that reflects the different stages involved in digitization, from the initial preparation of reconstructed images and text readings, to their import into READ and the development of Edition Resources. This folder system has been developed to:

  • Organize image files and provide a structure for the development of reconstructed manuscript images
  • Keep track of unidentified fragments and make these images available for other reconstruction efforts
  • Support collaboration in the development of the reading of a text
  • Manage the sharing of text resources among collaborators
  • Manage the development of a transliteration from a reconstructed edition
  • Track all major iterations of the import process and stages in the development of a glossary
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